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 Distributors are currently many domestic wholesale trade enterprises and production type, supply and integration of manufacturing enterprises sales management model adopted. With the expansion of the scale of enterprise sales, logistics and cash flow for remote management more difficult. Business leaders in the actual operation of the process often appear as confusing:
How to make the sales system both rapid expansion, but also to avoid loss of control?
How accurate assessment of sales offices and back section, project completion, the cost of expenditure?
How to keep abreast of all kinds under the auto sales data, dealers how to improve management and information processing capabilities?
How to keep abreast around the actual inventory, and improve timely delivery rate, reduce inventory backlog?
How to control the risk of recovery of accounts receivable?
How to shorten the decision time and improve the accuracy of decision-making?

If these problems are not resolved, the result is the high cost of business circulation, lack of corporate production and marketing decisions based on accurate, resulting in substantial waste of resources. Currently, many companies distribution costs have exceeded production costs and product development costs, becoming the first major elements of overall business operating costs; solve control problems of distribution costs, is the business imperative.

The emergence of the Internet is changing people's daily life, but change the company's management works.

The large number of traditional manufacturing and sales-oriented companies need to be performed by the National huge sales network products and services, but sales management to be smooth, but it has been a traditional business, "pain", there is no planning funds but strength, technology and philosophy but the management level can not keep up, the challenges and opportunities of the Internet how to deal with these problems are urgent professional firms providing comprehensive solutions.

Combined distribution management concepts and Internet technology, produce Internet-based distribution management software. Internet-based distribution management software for enterprise information exchange summary provides a convenient, rapid and inexpensive way, but also for the company's "remote business, centralized management," offers the best solution.


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