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2. On site features: fully reflect the interactive website, and using a variety of mechanisms to remind web site managers, network management and related personnel to facilitate a timely response. And a special focus on security and stability in the site, the use of network security, system logon security, security subsystems, subsystem module safety, security and other variety of ways to ensure safety during the session. The use of advanced three-layer structure of programming mode make the site even in the case of very many visits remain stable.

3. On site maintenance and subsequent expansion on: We provide dedicated website maintenance background, webmasters can easily use this platform to maintain the entire site. We are at the beginning of the planning site, it will be functional module framework to build very large and easy to expand, increase after new features and modules will be very convenient, lower cost secondary development. In addition, static and slideshow display the page, taking into account the requirements of pages beautifully, we manually.

4. On the site license management: The system is set up separate access privileges for each function module, the administrator can set access rights for independent dealers.

Intranet Entrance
Intranet portal page, a login form content, page design with extranet harmony.


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