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Initial Target: use six months time, it will be the same type of site construction site of the most professional, most comprehensive and most promising sites; after six months, to achieve daily visits reached 50,000 registered members up to 5 million or more.
Medium-term objectives: the use of six months, the site to achieve the initial transformation of traditional culture and craft merchandise e-commerce trading platform, the first 12 months reached more than 10 million daily visits; developing forms of cooperation, attracting multi capital injection.
Long-term goal: the use of 12 to 24 months time, will be the site of operation for professional and cultural goods and crafts industry e-commerce trading platform, the site plays agency e-commerce product suppliers and service providers dual identity.

Precautions were combined with 4C guide the construction site:
1, to find exactly the visitor, all starting from the visitor, committed to each visitors into customers and consumers.
2, website construction and function of the amount of construction costs for development projects to meet the budget, can not Tandaqiuquan also not be extravagant burn.
3, consumers in our internet how convenient how come, all to consumers or not convenient for the center to expand network construction work.
4, construction sites should not only pay attention to our brand image and service and merchandise delivered to the visitor, but also focus on collecting feedback information.


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