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The development of modern science and technology, especially the development of computer technology, digital technology, electronic and fiber-optic communications technology for literary, artistic and scientific creation and dissemination of works to provide a more convenient conditions, but also literary, artistic and scientific works promotion raised some new questions. Since the emergence of computers and networks, it has changed people's lives. Internet challenges traditional maverick, showing extraordinary vitality, it is the rapid development of its frightening.

Online Trading both to avoid ordering bibliography limitations and blind, they can be overcome to see orders into a large, high cost, lack of management difficult. And online ordering information large, wide range of options, can intuitively look like, you can browse content, without time limit, you can always add order, settlement timely, efficient and convenient, turnaround speed, and so on. These advantages are other transactions difficult to achieve. Book online transactions is an inevitable future development, but also publishing industry out of the woods, the establishment of a new distribution channel, prosperity publishing, the only way for the prosperity of the market.


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